The Magic of 8 – book: Option 6 – Book + cards (tin box) + proof

The Magic of 8 – book: Option 6 – Book + cards (tin box) + proof


I am thrilled to offer my new book, The Magic of 8, to the world! The books will arrive signed and infused with more magic!

This option includes one signed copy of the book plus one deck of my 44 card Deconstructed Divination oracle cards, in a sturdy 5″ x 7″ tin box, plus one of the original, one of a kind, hand-painted 5″ x 7″ prints used to make the cards, of your choice. Click here to view options, and include note with your order. I will try to stay on top of updating, but please note that the one you choose may not be available. Let me know if you have a second choice. A download card for an audio version of the book will be included.

The Magic of 8 is a limited edition full color, hardcover, 152 page trade sized (6″ x 9″) book of haiku poems written by me to accompany each of the 44 cards in my Deconstructed Divination oracle deck. It includes 12 full color plates of some of the drawings used to create the oracle deck, which is comprised of cropped sections of my larger drawings.  An 8 page introduction, along with some sample readings is included as well. 

This has been a labor of love and I’m eternally grateful for Jon Christopher of Traveling Shoes Press for laying this out and helping me bring this to life, and for the discerning eye of Beth Allen for her help with the typography. 

The number 8 kept appearing to me in so many things that were involved with this book, so I could not ignore the magic in that number that was so obviously presenting itself to me. The deck is 44 cards, which reduces to 8. “D,” being the 4th letter of the alphabet, plus “D” (as in Deconstructed Divination) equals 8. 17 syllables in the haiku poems reduce to 8. Then, in a completely unplanned act of magic, the book contains 152 pages, which reduces to 8. Yup, something is happening here! 

6 different packages are offered here with my book. Return to shop page to view other options. Each price includes U.S. shipping, and each price reduces to 8. How magical is that?

Please contact me for a shipping quote outside of the U.S.

And please email me at if you are having difficulty with checkout. 


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