“The Light Fantastic”


I am pleased and honored to be showing my work with longtime friend and old Philly art school buddy Kate McCabe, filmmaker, photographer, painter and owner of “Kidnap Yourself,” at Joshua Tree’s newest gallery, La Matadora, owned by old Tucson friend and artist Colleena Sabatino. The 3 of us now reside in the high desert and our paths have collided for this magical event, happening during the height of the Perseids meteor shower, and ending the minute before Mercury goes into retrograde! The show opens this Saturday, August 12th, from 6-9pm, and runs for one month. I will be unveiling the start of a new series of small-run, limited edition signed and numbered giclee prints of my drawings, beginning with this one – “Moon Goddess,” which will be available for the first time at the opening. Message me for special pre-orders. The original will be available as well.



From Kate:

“Wendy and I met in philly while we orbited each other at UArts and in the wild wooly downtown music scene. We both have ridiculous meticulous work habits and mediums that we honed there – mine in animation and film, hers in metalsmithing and jewelry . Both of us have traveled, changed, evolved all the while adapting our materials to what’s handy. Reuniting in the desert many moons later, we are both making work derivative of our roots in that we developed each, our own powerful visual languages of assemblage: in Wendy’s sculptures and exquisite drawings framed with mixed materials and my recomposing of familiar tomes and painted animated scenes. Our work at first glance seems quite different but each contains both wonderment and mystery spoken in its own unique language.”


We hope you can join us…there will be cookies!


Check out the Facebook event page!


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