“Sacred Heart” Miracle House

“Sacred Heart” Miracle House


“Sacred Heart” Miracle House is number one in a series of six mini Milagro shrines, aka Miracle Houses.

The literal translation of the Spanish word “milagro” is “miracle.” Milagros are traditionally used as healing charms and votive offerings, often for a particular need or desire. 

This Miracle House is made from a 4 1/2″ square of cherry wood, stained and covered in joss paper and 22 karat gold leaf. A frame corner roof is attached using spent shell casings. Vintage hardware, rusty metal, used resistors and/or capacitors and vintage paper cross bring this house to life.

Each Miracle House is imbued with healing energy and intention.

The Sacred Heart can represent love in its purest form, or, more literally, healing of the heart, either physically or metaphorically. 

9″ x 9″

Price includes U.S. shipping and insurance. Please email me for shipping outside of the U.S., or for local pickup. 

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