Photo by Kate McCabe



Wendy Lee Gadzuk is an artist, musician and diviner, living and working in the Mojave Desert. Wendy grew up an only child in the suburbs of Washington D.C. The solitude of being a “latchkey kid” of divorced parents, combined with the visual and mental stimulation of traveling Europe during her formative years created fertile ground for dark ideas. Her love of the beautiful and the ornate led her to study jewelry and metalsmithing at University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Drawing from our universal connection to the divine, taking cue from the patterns found in nature, architecture, and music, Wendy works in various mediums. Some pieces manifest as mixed media assemblages, where found objects, animal bones, doll parts, antique hardware, broken jewelry, and whatever else happens to be around are transformed into altar-like forms meant to hold a sacred space for forgotten spirits. She has also begun a series of intricate ballpoint pen drawings. These are usually symmetrical, entirely freehand, meditative free-form drawings, with no preconceived idea as to what will emerge on the page. This is where the magic happens. The symmetry is similar to nature’s symmetry – perfectly imperfect. This style of working has proved to be a productive counterpart to the constant thinking and problem-solving involved in the assemblage pieces. They are totally contrasting methods, yet the work holds a similar thread, connecting in their own way to the collective unconscious.


Wendy’s work has been featured on the cover of her band Andalusia Rose’s records, seamlessly combining her passions. She has created assemblage pieces as part of their live show as well. She has shown her work regularly in several galleries in the S.F. Bay area and beyond, including Modern Eden in San Francisco and La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles. Her work can be seen in many online and print publications, including Oakland Magazine, SF Sonic, and Dirge Magazine, as well as being featured in the book “Black & White Volume III” by Out of Step Books.


Contact Wendy at sparkle440@comcast.net